Dating Guide " Sensing Mr. Right Guy" - Informed, Informative and Witty

Kasper's Ultimate and Humorous Dating Guide for Women " Sensing Mr. Right Guy" receives Praise from Midwest Book Reviewer Helen Dumont.

As informed and informative as it is witty and well written, "Sensing Mr. Right Guy: The Ultimate and Humorous Dating Guide for Women" is as useful a read as it is entertaining for anyone having to deal with the dating scene and looking for that very special someone to be a part of their life. Very highly recommended for community library collections - Helen Dumont of Midwest Book Review

"Sensing Mr. Right Guy is the Ultimate Dating Guide for Women" allowing glimpses into the hidden traits of a man's personality by observing his features and demeanor. It's a serious dating guide that's as insightful as it is entertaining, revealing the secret games men play to pick up women or trick them, and tips of what features in men to watch out for and what to look for, with a certainty of 99.9% of finding your Mr. Right Guy, to enjoy a harmonious and long lasting relationship. "Sensing Mr. Right Guy" is for women of all ages and a perfect mixture between keen perception and rib-tickling humor.

Really peculiar, pushing me into wonderment, is when i so happen to spot - in a third of a second glance, of course - a protrusion the size of a grapefruit on his upper thigh. Now he may well be a ballsy guy, but if his voice sounds like the solo singer of a castrato choir, i tend to second guess that he's indeed in the possession of family jewels of that caliber. Barry White though, i'm sure, hid the jumbo size Faberge Egg collection.

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Book Title:  Sensing Mr. Right Guy - The ultimate and Humorous Dating Guide for Women

111 pages

Softcover, $8.99; ISBN:  978-1515316732

E-book, $3.99; ASIN: B0137PJZ9Q

Publication date: August 1, 2015

Published by Korifaeus Publishing

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