MBR Calls Kasper's LOVE Intrinsically Fascinating

Rave Review for Leagan E. Kasper's aesthetically erotic Novel

 Leagan E. Kasper's LOVE has been called an "Enticingly Delicious Literary Treat", an "Electrifying journey of a budding couple" and filled with "Original imagination, wit, and eroticism that is sensual and enticingly poetic, passionate, and exciting",  when it was first released. Now the author herself received recognition for her bona fide natural aptitude and a rave review for LOVE by Midwest Book Reviews. 

My primary inspiration is to indulge in all of what my imagination has to offer - to go on adventures, experience situations I envision while writing and indulge in sensual pleasures I can imagine to exist, without getting up from my chair.

Leagan E. Kasper, Author

Quote: ​"An impressively well written and intrinsically fascinating novel by a naturally gifted and original storytelling talent, Leagan E. Kasper's "Love" is highly recommended for a mature readership."  http://www.midwestbookreview.com/sbw/aug_15.htm#Fiction


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